Wednesday, December 10, 2008

(When I arrived a place called Earth)

It all started when God gave me a chance to see the world by a simple storyline called life..
He gave and He can take it anytime..
Many things I obtained from Him..
I thank Him for all that..
Many things happened..
All those was to remind me about Him..
My goal for this one and only story is to find out what is the meaning of His creations..
I want to explore more about this..
Time and destiny will let me know all..
I will try to get some light from His clues..
That is Al-Quran and Sunnah..
I belive in problem=theory=solve=answer..
Life will be easier for me if I follow this equation..
Because it is true..
From this..
I will get more knowledge..
When my time is up..
I have to go..
Leave this ugly road..
To a new place..
Where I am supposed to be placed..
My storyline will end when He stops it..
And there is nothing I can do about it..
If we lose somebody..
Or a friend, there is got to be a reason..
We have to accept it..
He is the owner of all the things that He had created..
He is Allah and Islam is the rightful religion..
Just believe it..
If you don't trust me, trust Islam..
Its worth forever..
I may not be the best human in the world..
But I will try to be one..
Nothing is impossible in life..
I will hold on with the word 'READ' to achieve big things like The Prophet did..

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